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As a TSP investor, you want to grow and protect your hard-earned dollars. And while you’re a high achiever at work, you aren’t a professional money manager. You don’t have time to research investing strategies. As a result, you get frustrated when you:

  • Guess which funds to invest in–instead of following a solid, tested strategy.
  • Keep a permanent allocation in the G Fund–and miss large gains when the stock market rallies. Or…
  • Be fully invested in stock funds through market crashes–with no exit plan.

The solution

TSPKey can help. We’ve been in business for over 10 years. We’ve tested dozens of investing strategies—so you don’t have to.

Very few strategies perform well over the long term. However, we’ve found one that does. To meet our criteria, a strategy must beat buy-and-hold through a lengthy backtesting period. And it must have smaller losses in bear markets like 2008-2009 and the 2000-2003 dot-com crash.

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TSP fund prices don’t fluctuate during the day. You can only see their end-of-day values. However, you can see real-time prices of very similar funds here:

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