What People Say

Thank you for your service to us. Most of us have no idea how to handle the TSP funds. You have provided government employees with an invaluable guide to the TSP. Thank you. – ST , Peachtree City, GA

This is my second year with you. Pushed alot of co-workers’ business your way. Keep up the good work. You got a Magic 8 ball that is working for sure.
SW , Clinton, UT

I have been a subscriber to your newsletter for the past 3 months and have been very pleased with the content and advice provided. It adds a great deal to value to my TSP account and having also looked at the other timing services out their, yours is truly superior. I hope your subscription base is growing and supporting all the effort you put into this. Having tried to develop sector trading systems in the past I very much appreciate all you are doing. Thanks so much. – SG , Brookline, MA

I made 18% in 2006 after starting your service Aug. 1. That was the best year by far that I have had in 16 years w/ TSP. I am thrilled. And I no longer fret about what to do.
DW, Kansas, MO

I am a fairly new member and just want to say thank you for your excellent advice. My account has grown tremendously in this short time. I just wish I would’ve found you years ago. – RT , Woodridge, IL

Thanks for the great advice. Please keep doing what you do. – RM, Atlanta, GA

Just wanted to let you know you are doing a great job!! Thank You!! The bad news: You are setting the bar pretty high. Hope you know that. Thanks again. P.S. Don’t bother replying, You are busy making us money.. haha – DK , Fayetteville, GA

Phenomenal job on calling this market. I may just have to give up my analysis and follow your moves 100%. 🙂 – RD , Greenbelt, MD

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with TSP Key. I’ve been using the system since late October and already I’ve seen a big difference in my account…you’ve put my retirement plans back on track.
TP , Clovis, NM

I just wanted to offer my appreciation and encouragement. Even though the S has outperformed the C and I the last bit, this is in no way reflects on the value of your service and recommendations. Overall, the portfolio earnings far exceeds the best returns of the best individual TSP fund. This is exactly the kind of service I want. I appreciate that there must be great deal of felt pressure to “do something” when these little runs in the market manifest themselves. However, your commitment to remain stable and only adjust when you find some legitimate factors and input speaks volumes about the integrity of your service. I can “chase” the market myself, but I buy your service to add stability to my performance. And, it is working very well. Just a vote of confidence, and again… thanks!
ML, Waseca, MN