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Weekend Newsletter (5/22/2022)

Weekly TSP Fund Update The  I Fund led the way with a 1.29% gain last week. The F Fund advanced 0.60% while the S Fund had a 1.71% loss. The C Fund declined by 3.00%. Current strategy allocations: TSPKey: 50% C Fund and 50 % S Fund (YTD* return: -24.36%) TSPKey Low Risk: 50% G [...]

Weekend Newsletter (12/20/2020) – New IFT for 50 Day Strategy

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Weekend Newsletter (5/31/2020)

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Fake News! Financial Media Hype vs. Facts

Last week's meltdown in the stock market was ugly. There's no denying it. The market doesn't like uncertainty, and there's plenty of uncertainty about the coronavirus. Be that as it may, some financial news stories made the drop sound worse than it actually was. Let's look at a few of them. The Fastest 10% Drop [...]

2019 in Review

Lessons learned There are a few major takeaways from 2019: Lesson 1: Don’t fight the trend “The trend is your friend” is an old Wall Street adage, and the trend for stocks was up in 2019. If you kept a large allocation in the G and F Funds, you missed a great opportunity. Lesson 2: […]

Investing Outside the TSP Part 2: Beating the S&P 500

The S&P 500 index is a very popular benchmark for U.S. stocks. Even Warren Buffet is a fan. For the fortune he'll leave behind, he's requested a 90% allocation in an S&P 500-based fund. There are many S&P 500 mutual funds. There are also exchange-traded funds (ETFs) like the SPY (SPDR S&P 500). Despite the [...]

What If I’m About to Retire?

Before getting to the topic, here's a brief look at our performance. Our return through the end of April was 6.47%. We remain well ahead of other services tracked by TSPCenter in 2017: Retirement question We sometimes get questions from people nearing retirement. They're usually more risk-averse and wonder if our service is a good [...]

Investing Outside the TSP: Real Estate

Many TSP account holders also invest through brokerage accounts and IRAs. Because of this, we've decided to cover some investing ideas outside of the TSP. In this blog, we'll go over one of our favorite real estate investments. Before getting started, a standard disclaimer applies: we don't give personalized advice. Investments discussed in this blog may [...]

Stocks Continue to Rally in February

The stock marked moved up again in February. Our return through the end of February was 5.30%. This is significantly higher than any other service tracked by Things to watch this year We're revisiting the major themes covered in our last blog, namely: Will the Dow move (and stay) above 20,000? How much will the Fed raise [...]

Off to a Good Start in 2017

The stock marked moved up in January. Our service's return was 2.03% for the month. All of the TSP funds had gains, ranging from 0.23% (F Fund) to 2.89% (I Fund). Things to watch this year Market analysts are focusing on several questions: Will the Dow move (and stay) above 20,000? How much will the Fed raise interest rates this [...]