TSP Funds

TSP Funds: Descriptions and Intraday Quotes

TSPKey’s strategies use the five primary TSP funds: G, F, C, S and I. We don’t use the Lifecycle Funds. They’re simply diversified versions of the primary funds.

The C, S and I Funds are based on different stock indices. The C Fund tracks the S&P 500. The S Fund tracks the Dow Jones U.S. Completion TSM Index. The I Fund follows the MSCI EAFE (Europe, Australasia, Far East) Index.

The F Fund tracks the Barclays Capital U.S. Aggregate Bond Index. The G Fund invests only in short-term U.S. Treasury bonds. It’s considered “risk-free” because it never has a negative return. This safety comes with a price, however. Historically, the G Fund has the lowest return of the five TSP funds.

The TSP fund prices are updated after the market’s close each day. You can’t view their changing prices during the day. However, you can see the changing intraday prices of other funds and indices that mirror them.